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“Born to Praise Him”


1. Testify to Love (View on YouTube)

2.The Anchor Holds (View on YouTube)

3. Mercies Are New (View on YouTube)

4. Joy Comes in the Morning (Listen)

5. House of Gold (Listen)

6. I Can Only Imagine (View on YouTube)

7. Lead Me to the Rock (Listen)

8. His Eye is on the Sparrow (Listen)

9. In Christ Alone (Listen)

10. I’m a Whosoever (View on YouTube)

11. End of the Beginning (Listen)

12. Midnight Cry (View on YouTube)

13. Battle Hymn of the Republic (Listen) 



“Mercy, Grace and the Cross”


1. Mercy Came Running (View on YouTube)

2. The Blood Will Never Lose It’s Power (Listen)

3. Who Am I (View on YouTube)

4. I Believe in a Hill Called Mount Calvary (View on YouTube)

5. Arms Open Wide (Listen)

6. He Looked Beyond My Fault (Listen)

7. Voice of Truth (View on YouTube)

8. Quiet Time

9. Blessed Be Your Name (Listen)

10. When He Was On the Cross (View on YouTube)



“Southern Sounds” ( Southern Gospel Favorites)


1. Problem Solver (Listen)

2. Secret Place (View on YouTube)

3. Send a Little Rain (Listen)

4. What Salvation’s Done for Me (Listen)

5. Glory Road (View on YouTube)

6. Give Thanks Unto the Lord (Listen)

7. He’s Still God (Listen)

8. I’ll Do the Miracle (Listen)

9. You Are With Me (Listen)

10. I Want to Know That You Know (Listen)

11. Down By the River (Listen)

12. He Touched Me (Listen)

13. Resignation (Listen)

14. God Saw A Cross (Listen)

15. No More Night (Listen)



“Meet with Me” (A Worship Experience)


1. Meet with Me (Listen)

2. How Great is Our God (Listen)

3. Everlasting God (Listen)

4. It Doesn’t Matter (View on YouTube)

5. You Never Let Go   (View on YouTube)

6. Grace Like Rain (Listen)

7. Halfway (Listen)

8. Every Move I Make (Listen)

9. Shout to the Lord (Listen)

10. Your Grace is Enough (Listen)

11. My Savior My God (Listen)

12. Days of Elijah (Listen)

13. My Tribute (View on YouTube)



“Steve Desmond/Jonathan White – Together”  (Southern Gospel Favorites)


1. What a Lovely Name

2. Unclouded Day (View on YouTube)

3. There is a River

4. Giving God Praise

5. I’ve Just Started Living (View on YouTube)

6. Beaulah Land

7. Where Could I Go?

8. Somebody Touched the Lord

9. Death Ain’t No Big Deal

10. That’s My Child



“Country Country”

A stirring collection of Country & Patriotic favorites


1. In God We Still Trust (View on YouTube)

2. Name On A Wall

3. God Bless America Medley (View on YouTube)

4. I’ll Fly Away (View on YouTube)

5. Don’t Blink (View on YouTube)

6. What Children Believe (View on YouTube)

7. The Star Spangled Banner (View on YouTube)

8. American Soldier (View on YouTube)

9. Go Rest High On That Mountain

10. God Must Really Love Me (View on YouTube)

11. God Bless the USA (View on YouTube)

12. One Blessed Man (View on YouTube)

13. You First (Listen)

14. America the Beautiful (View on YouTube)

15. Whatcha Need (View on YouTube)

16. Give it Awa(Listen)

17. Military Anthems


“A Desmond Christmas”


1 . Let It Be Christmas

2. Cradle In Bethlehem (Zoe’s Song)

3. Carol Of The Bells

4. Christmas Times-A-Comin’

5. Silver Bells

6. Mary Did You Know

7. Christmas Song

8. Jingle Bells

9. Only ‘Cause It’s Christmas

10. Wonderful World

11. A Capella Medley

12. The Greatest Story Ever Told

13. O Holy Night

14. Mary Was the First One

15. Fruitcake Song

16. Happy Birthday Jesus

17. The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

18. Let’s Keep Christ In Christmas

19. Silent Night


“Side By Side” ~ Hymns & Sacred Songs

Side By Side - Hymns (Front)


1. How Great Thou Art (Listen)

2. Come Thou Fount (Listen)

3. The Lord’s Prayer (Listen)

4. How Deep The Father’s Love (Listen)

5. I Then Shall Live (Listen)

6. Hymn Medley (Listen)

7. Great Is Thy Faithfulness (Listen)

8. Fill My Cup Lord (Listen)

9. Yes, I Know (Listen)

10. When We All Get To Heaven (Listen)

11. Leaning On The Everlasting Arms (Listen)

12. Eternity Has Two (Listen)

13. Rock Of Ages (Listen)


“Side By Side ~ Southern Gospel

Side By Side - Southern Gospel (Front)



1. O What A Savior (Listen)

2. Love Of God (Listen)

3. Come See Me (Listen)

4. I Thirst (Listen)

5. Fear Not Tomorrow (Listen)

6. Reason Enough (Listen)

7. Jesus Made Me A Believer (Listen)

8. My Hope Is In The Lord (Listen)

9. Blame It On Love (Listen)

10. He Saw It All (Listen)

11. Who Am I (Listen)

12. Miracle Today (Listen)

13. Cloud He’s Comin’ Back On (Listen)


“I Love It!”



  1. Your Cries Have Awoken The Master (Listen)
  2. All The People Said Amen (Listen)
  3. That’s What The Bible Says (Listen)
  4. Land Of Living (Listen)
  5. I Believe In Prayer (Listen)
  6. Oh Buddha (Listen)
  7. I Believe (Listen)
  8. Peace In The Shelter (Listen)
  9. Daystar (Listen)
  10. Trust In You (Listen)
  11. These Are They (Listen)
  12. Over The Next Hill (Listen)

5 Responses to Music

  1. skydancer7 says:

    Hey Brother Steve, I look forward to hearing you sing again!

  2. Sue Stone says:

    We always enjoy your concerts. We are lifting you and your family up in prayer daily expecting good things for all of you.

  3. JoAnn Bruning says:

    We first heard you yesterday in the park at Wilcox, Ne. You were such a blessing and God has given you a wonderful voice. Thanks for sharing and also for the encore! Ross and JoAnn Bruning

  4. Kimberley Eichman says:

    Truly enjoy your music. We are so blessed to have you at the Red Line Church of God.

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